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Reap the Benefits Of Maxwingz

Maxwingz is a one-stop-shop application that helps new and seasoned entrepreneurs with business development. It is an online application that enables you to have all the information that you would need in order to see your new business through from conception to the final finishing touches.

With Maxwingz at your finger tips, you won't have to spend weeks or months just trying to research what paperwork, fees, and legal requirements you need to prepare in order to launch your new business or startup.

With Maxwingz at your disposal, you can…

   1. Come up with a name for your business without having to worry about other business' trade names or trademarks.
   2. Build a list of all the requirements that you need to get in order to successfully launch your business or startup, depending on city or state.
   3. Determine whether it is a good financial move for your new business or startup to have an office space or not.
   4. Find the kind of help and tools you will need in building a company website.
   5. Get tips on establishing an effective company structure and identity.

To view a complete list of Maxwingz’s features, click HERE.


What is Maxwingz?

Maxwingz is a free step-by-step guide in starting a business. It is a web-based solution under MaxBlox that helps you through the process of launching your own business or startup by providing you with all the business forms and guides that you need.

We provide business development services, namely, providing startup launch support and advice for businesses of others and entrepreneurs. We're also in the business of providing business information services, namely, providing links to useful information regarding starting and developing new businesses.

Maxwingz also offers software consultation in the area of software development for startups and entrepreneurs; providing an online, non-downloadable software, distributed via a website, that provides business forms and guides to assist entrepreneurs and startups in launching their business.